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Unveiling the Fact Behind Frequent Misconceptions

By John Grochowski


Slot machines have had their very own set of myths virtually since Day One. Specifics have developed with slot expertise, however mythology persists.

That’s regular sufficient. You possibly can’t see random numbers being generated so the thoughts fills in gaps.

Let’s strive just a little mythbusting about fashionable slot machines.


THE MYTH: Paybacks on pick-a-prize bonus rounds need to be fastened upfront or they couldn’t program a payback share.

THE FACTS: Your selections depend on most producers’ bonus occasions. The programmer units the probabilities, and that determines the percentages of the sport.

The programmer doesn’t have to repair the worth of the bonus occasion; the percentages of the sport will result in a median return. That common might be included within the total recreation possibilities to calculate a median payback share for the sport.

In licensed casinos in U.S. jurisdictions, each marketed prize have to be accessible. After you’ve made your choose, if the display screen reveals prizes behind different selections, it tells you these paybacks had been truly accessible. Your alternative made the distinction, for higher or worse.


THE MYTH: Video and on-line slots are simply laptop applications, so that they’re extra simply fastened to beat you than three-reel slots.

THE FACTS: All fashionable slots, together with reel-spinning video games in addition to video and on-line slots, use laptop software program and have outcomes decided by random quantity mills.

The potential for “fastened” outcomes is identical on reel slots as on these with screens. It’s definitely doable to design shenanigans into software program, however in well-regulated jurisdictions reminiscent of U.S. states and Canadian provinces, guidelines, rules, licensing and software program checks work to maintain outcomes random.

Random quantity mills don’t repair outcomes both for you or in opposition to you. All of the RNGs do is generate numbers, and people numbers are mapped onto doable outcomes.

The end result you see on the display screen is random, or at the very least as random because it’s doable for people to program them to be. The chances and the percentages are the identical on each spin.


THE MYTH: Marketed payback percentages on slots reveals they’ll’t be random. How can a recreation have a predictable return and be random on the similar time?

THE FACTS: Slot machines are random and have predictable payback percentages in the identical manner as desk video games.

Odds are set so common outcomes result in the anticipated return.

Think about the state of affairs at roulette. On an American double-zero wheel, the sport is “programmed” with 38 doable outcomes—1 by means of 36 plus 0 and 00.The numbers come up randomly, and whenever you win on a single quantity, you’re paid at 35-1 odds—a bit lower than the true odds of 37-1. That provides the home an fringe of 5.26 p.c. That’s the identical as saying a payback share of 94.74 p.c.

There’s nothing to maintain your quantity from arising a number of instances in a row, and nothing says it has to return up inside a number of dozen spins. However given sufficient trials, the random outcomes and the percentages of the sport will result in one thing very near roulette’s anticipated percentages.

Slots work the identical manner, however with 1000’s of potentialities as a substitute of 38. To make up an instance, this system may specify that each time the random primary reveals up, the reel reveals a jackpot image; with two, three or 4, it reveals a seven, and so forth.

The chances are programmed, however after they flip up is random, simply because it’s random when a 17 turns up in roulette. The percentages of the sport will result in the anticipated payback share, or one thing very near it.


THE MYTH: After a progressive jackpot or an enormous bonus win, slot machines need to go chilly for a recreation to hit its programmed share.

THE FACTS: Odds of successful are the identical on each spin no matter previous outcomes.

Slots hold paying the proportion decided by the conventional odds of the sport. Over time, huge jackpots, scorching streaks and chilly streaks all will fade into statistical insignificance.

Recreation designers know jackpots will hit in accordance with the conventional odds of the sport. And the conventional odds of the sport will result in an anticipated payback share with none compelled chilly streaks.


THE MYTH: On video games with wheel-spinning bonuses, reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune, wheels are fastened so that you get solely low payouts. 

THE FACTS: Bonus wheels have random quantity mills similar to slot reels. It’s doable to win any of the quantities on the wheel, together with the biggest jackpots. A reader as soon as even emailed to say she had gained the biggest Wheel of Fortune prize twice in a row.

Nonetheless, extra random numbers are assigned to lower-paying areas, so you’ll win small prizes extra typically than the highest jackpots.

Faux you’re a recreation designer and also you’re organising a recreation with a wheel divided into 22 segments, starting from a $20 payoff to $1,000.You don’t need to be paying out $1,000 as soon as per 22 spins, so that you program a digital wheel with 1,000 numbers. You may map it so that each time the random quantity generator spits out no 1, the wheel stops on the $1,000 house. You may map 4 numbers that can make the wheel cease on the $500 house, and so forth till you employ 100 numbers to make it cease on a $20 house.

Now as a substitute of paying out $1,000 as soon as per 22 spins, your hypothetical recreation pays the grand solely as soon as per 1,000 spins. And as a substitute of paying $20 as soon as per 22 spins, it’ll be one out of 10. The sport is random, but it surely’s skewed towards smaller payoffs.

Simply as with fundamental slot video games, the outcomes are random however potentialities are set to result in an anticipated common consequence.


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Author: Austin Moore