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Scobe’s New Baseball Slots

By Frank Scoblete


Baseball is (or was) the American pastime because it began within the 1800s however there have been only a few baseball slot machines. I’ve determined to fix that and offer you a brand new machine that may put baseball again in its main place on this planet of slots/sports activities.

Main League Baseball has suffered from a number of main errors up to now 40 or so years. I’m not speaking about medicine enhancing a participant’s efficiency or inflicting their our bodies and heads to develop. I’m guessing that might be a legal matter. However different issues have harm the sport.

Pitchers have dominated the sport as by no means earlier than and hitters not often hit over .300 and even .250 for that matter. And the variety of instances batters strike out could make Babe Ruth seem to by no means strike out.

The video games nearly appear interminable at instances. Actually, three or extra hours per contest with principally batters swinging and lacking? Or fixing their batting gloves and armor towards getting hit by a pitch?

Within the early days of baseball—digest this reality—catchers by no means wore masks! Now batters typically look as if they’re knights getting ready to joust.


Goodbye Designated Hitter

My new slot machine is titled Scobe’s New Baseball and can encourage a extra thrilling recreation by taking away the “designated hitter,” an idea that was supposed to extend hitting however actually simply added one other both “washed-up” batter or only a so-so hitter to take his likelihood towards a pitcher.

Does baseball actually need this hitter? No. This designated hitter ought to go the best way of pitchers hitting. Goodbye. They aren’t often gamers the gang is wanting ahead to see hitting, even when such a participant was at one time an excellent one.

“Wouldn’t you quite see Mike Trout or Aaron Choose get an additional flip at bat every recreation as an alternative of “who’s that man” or “the all the time injured one” coming as much as the plate to waste our time?”

In my Scobe’s New Baseball the designated hitter is now gone and the crew solely sends the eight batters to the plate, these gamers who play the field. No so-so hitter shall be taking on a lineup house. Wouldn’t you quite see Mike Trout or Aaron Choose get an additional flip at bat every recreation as an alternative of “who’s that man” or “the all the time injured one” coming as much as the plate to waste our time?

Now, the so-called baseball purists can have their very own web sites (as they do now) and maintain any type of statistics that they need however fandom will welcome my adjustments to the sport.


Goodbye Most Percentages

Subsequent, we don’t want the cascade of percentages regarding who’s doing what, when and the place. I’m taking away the idea of batting averages primarily based on hits that exclude errors made by the opposite crew, and exclude walks, and exclude a batter getting hit by a pitch— no! All of those prospects imply that the batter acquired on base. And now we go along with an idea referred to as On Base Averages, or OBA.

What number of instances does so-and-so get on base? That’s the important thing. Does this batter get hit by pitches quite a bit? Good. He’s on base. This batter walked? He acquired on base. The opposite crew made an error on this man’s batted ball? The man made it to base.

Doesn’t matter how he will get on base. He acquired there!

The error might put him on, a stroll might put him on, a wild pitch might put him on, a success on his physique might put him on. If he will get up 100 instances and will get 25 hits, three walks, one hit on his self or an error by the opposite crew, he’s now thought of 30 for 100 with an OBA of .300.

Getting on base is the important thing to baseball and the way it’s performed is irrelevant. Sure, residence run hitters will nonetheless be celebrated however OBA now turns into a key to a participant’s price.


The Backside Line of New Baseball

Okay, right here goes: Eight gamers bat and the brand new OBA dictates what a participant is usually price. The query is straightforward: How typically does he get on? Not how does he get on however the mere undeniable fact that he will get on is the important thing.

The runs batted in (RBI) and scoring runs (R) shall be mixed beneath the Runs label. Being on base and scoring is as necessary as a house run with nobody on base. A run is a run! You get on base and somebody bats you in otherwise you steal residence—that’s each bit as necessary as a house run. Once more, a run is a run.


Pace Up Pitchers’ Supply

In the true recreation of baseball, not my slot recreation, pitchers ought to have a time restrict on how briskly they must serve up the subsequent pitch (that is now used). On the slot machine I’ll have three-time limits on when pitchers ought to pitch the ball. Gamers of the slot recreation ought to have the ability to loosen up in the event that they don’t need pitches to come back one after one other at too quick an interval.

I may also have pace spreads for pitchers so if a batter can hit the devastatingly quick pitch, these batters will get extra hits general.


All one of the best out and in of the casinos!


Frank Scoblete’s web site is www.frankscoblete.com. His books can be found at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, e-books, libraries and bookstores.

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Author: Austin Moore